Why is Philatom nano-Calcium Essential?

nanOsteo is produced by the award-winning, world’s first top-down 3-D dry type nano-mill, the process appropriate for producing nanoparticle organic and inorganic materials. This method crushes cuts off,  pressurized, utilize friction, plus other 3-dimensional systems, for the manufacture of the highest quality, sphere-shaped nanoparticle calcium, from mass volume edible oyster shells. The particle size distribution of nanOsteo Calcium Essential is round and uniform, the particle size range within 30 nm ~ 900 nm, which is smaller than a human blood cell.

The spherical shape of the particle allows perfect contact with other elements enabling it to be readily dissolved and ionized, then quickly absorbed into the body after consumption within the upper part of the small intestine, the duodenum. This innovative calcium product is produced by stringent quality controlled management systems. The nanOsteo Calcium Essential is 100,000 times smaller in particle size and has 8 times better than traditional calcium supplements due to its unique nano-technology manufacturing process, enabling almost 100% absorption of calcium into the bloodstream for utilization by the body.

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